You know what I really like about Hollywood Ending’s music? It’s very rare to find a pop band that doesn’t stick to singing about how perfect a certain girl is. They’re not afraid to be like look, you’re a freak, you’re not captain of the winning team, and you’re not a beauty queen. But, so what? I’m sure they’re aware it’s a risk, and it’s really cool that they’re brave enough to take it.


Aww yeah back in this bad boy!! I hope you’re all getting ready for the #FreaksandGeeksTour !!


back in the van getting ready for tour…. it’s really clean


hipster cam


getting ready to live in this thang for over a month 😝


Have you seen Hollywood Ending’s “Freak Like Me” official music video?! It has footage of them hanging out and messing around in Europe and Japan! 

Buy “Freak Like Me” on iTunes here -https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fre…

FULL USA/CANADIAN HEADLINING TOUR “The Freaks And Geeks Tour” TICKETS ON SALE NOW HERE -http://hollywoodendingband.com/events/

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Vines (Preference #30)

Dan: "Hey boo, come here."  Dan shouted from the other room, you removed your laptop off of your warm legs and paused the movie you were enjoying on Netflix.

"What do you want with my life?!" You exclaimed slightly annoyed that he had to ruin your moment of trying to catch up with last season’s of Teen Wolf.  You walked into the kitchen and got smacked in the face with a handful of whipped cream and a burst of Dan’s laughter.

"Smack cam!" Tyler joined in as you wiped the whipped cream off of your face and flicking your hands towards Dan.

"You little…" You smiled as you grabbed the can and began to run after your boyfriend.  When you finally came across the little shit, you jumped on him and showered him with kisses

Tyler: ”Hey babe…” Tyler smiled behind his phone as he walked into your room while you were sleeping,  You stretched out and saw the phone and turned your back.  ”TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!” He shouted from a megaphone while the rap song began to play on blast from a phone Danny was carrying.

"I really hate you…" You mumbled as you threw your blanket over your head.  Tyler motioned Danny to turn the song off as he jumped on top of you.

"Love you too." He smiled and kissed your head beneath the blanket.

Cameron: "What are we making here, beautiful?" Cameron came back from the bathroom and had his phone pointing at you.  You smiled as you continued stirring the brownie mix you had in front of you.

"Brownies…" You smiled as you turned and flicked the mix at him.  He put his phone down as he strode towards you, pushing you up against the counter.

Chris: "Checking out her ass, but she don’t need a hall pass!" Chris screamed from behind you as you turned and laughed at him.

"Thanks Chris, I didn’t want a hall pass anyways," You smiled before sticking your tongue out and continued walking towards the train to take to London.

do you have a link to all of your preferences?

its on my blog (via computer) and it says preferences

hi! can you do a preference about a long road trip with them? thanks xx

ill try this since im trying this world again